Route 66 Half Iron Triathlon

7:00am July 26, 2014

ON LINE REGISTRATION CLOSES at 6:pm on July 24.   You can still register in person at the Friday and Saturday packet pickup. 

1.2 mile swim/56 mile bike/13.1 mile run

Get Your Tri Kicks on Route 66… 

The Route 66 Half Iron triathlon includes a 1.2 mile swim under the arches of Historic Lindsay Bridge, a 56 mile bike on the “Old Route 66” road and a 13.1 mile run on scenic, shaded lake roads. Highlights include a lake to lake bike course past picturesque Lincoln Memorial Gardens with sweeping turns and fast straightaways on “Old Route 66”. Enjoy beautiful vistas, twisting curves and gentle hills around Lake Sangchris State Park before heading back to begin your run on shaded lake roads with island views. Your tour will take you down secluded lake roads and open prairies with crowd support and cooling stations along the route.  When the course takes you across the Lindsay Bridge, you’ll know you’re close to your goal as you run the final quarter mile to the finish line.

Come be a part of this soon-to-be historic event taking place on the internationally recognized Route 66.  Whether you race in this challenging endeavor to compete or complete, you will fondly refer to this triathlon as the “Mother Half”.  Known as America’s Road, you can bike from Chicago to Los Angeles – but don’t worry, our bike course is well marked.

Thanks to Grim Reaper Fitness take a look at the Route 66 Half Iron bike and run courses.

Route 66 Half Iron Swim and Bike Video


Route 66 Half Iron Run Course Video



ON LINE REGISTRATION CLOSES at 6:pm on July 24.   You can still register in person at the Friday and Saturday packet pickup. 

  • No Paper registration for this event

Registration Fees

  • Individuals
  • $150 through February 28.
  • $175 through May 31.
  • $195 through Race Day
  • Relays (min. 2 participants, max 3)
  • $300 through May 31.
  • $350 June 1 to Race Day

We encourage anyone searching for a relay partner to use the Tri Harder Facebook page to list what you offer or what you need.  That is I need a swimmer or I can swim if others bike or run.  This should allow solo triathletes the chance to connect with other solo’s looking for a relay partner.


Race Information

The race will start at 7:00am on July 26, 2014.

July 25, 2014  - Packet Pickup

4pm until 7pm at the Lake Springfield Beach House, 100 or 101 Long Bay Lane, Spfld. Il 62712

July 26, 2014 (Race Day) – Packet Pickup

5:30am to 6:30am at Beach House.

6:45 am Pre-race meeting at swim start

7:00 am Swim starts – First wave


1:30 pm Awards for top three overall in each category plus top three in each age group and top three Clydesdales, Athenas and top three Teams.

Teams/Relay Procedures. All team members will be body marked with same number assigned by timer.  The swimmer will be given the chip to be worn on left ankle.  After swim, the swimmer goes into Transition to the Relay bike racks, they hand the chip to the biker (who is waiting at rack) who straps it to left ankle then goes for bike. Biker returns to relay racks and hands chip to runner (who is waiting in relay at rack) who straps to left ankle. Runner is wearing bib and proceeds to run course then Finish Line.   ALL TEAM/RELAY MEMBERS MUST CHECK IN AT PACKET PICKUP and MUST SHOW PHOTO ID.  Per USAT there is no exceptions to this requirement.

You must provide a photo ID at pickup. No Exceptions, No ID, No Race.  You cannot pickup another racer’s packet.

You must provide your USAT card to show proof of current USAT membership or pay $12 to purchase a one-day license. If you are a USAT member and forget your card, you will be required to sign the USAT waiver and purchase a $12 USAT one-day license.

Registrations will be accepted at packet pickup both days but no SWAG is guaranteed.  After the event, shirts and other Stuff We All Get will be distributed to late entries on a first come, first serve basis until gone.  No SWAG will be mailed.

Transition opens at 5:30 am and you must rack your bike in the area reserved for the Route 66 Half Iron. Green color coded signs will designate where you can rack your bike.  The racks are open and on a first come, first take basis.  It is imperative that you rack between the green color coded signs. Please be mindful of the space you use and of others around you.

The Key to a successful race is to know and remember the color GREEN.  GREEN is your mantra for successful course completion.

You will be issued a GREEN swim cap for your swim.  You will also be issued a bib with a GREEN background that must be worn on the run and suggested for the bike. You must also place the GREEN sticker on your helmet. GREEN course markings, signs and balloons will guide you along the courses.  Remember and follow the color GREEN.

6:00am Body Marking at transition area – Lindsay Bridge Boat Ramp. Please do not apply any sunscreen or lotions until you have been marked.

Chips will be distributed race day morning at the boat ramp. Please wear it on your left ankle so it does not interfere with your chain rings. You are responsible for your chip’s use and return.  A lost chip fee of $25 will be charged to anyone not returning their chip either at the Finish Line, to a race official or medical staff. If choose to stop racing for any reason please return your chip to the timing race staff at the Finish Line.  Failure to return your chip will result in calls to your emergency contacts, police, rescue staff and may result in your disqualification and total embarrassment in front of all other racers and spectators. It is essential that we know where you are on the course at all times for your safety and our peace of mind.

6:45am Mandatory Pre race meeting at swim start. All athletes are required to read, understand and adhere to the Open Water Swim Best Practices on the Information tab located on the above white tool bar. They are color coded for your race swim start.  It assumed you know your age and  gender which will determine your wave.

Pursuant to current best practices we will be allowing 4 minutes between waves.  During this time you are strongly encouraged to get wet and get a feel for the start area and your swim plan. But you already know this since you read the Open Water Swim Best Practices  on the Information tab.  However, you must be behind the small orange buoys located out from the ramps before the wave start.

New this year is the FINIS Swim Practice Area.  You can get wet at your pace under the watchful eye of a lifeguard.   Swim as much as you like but please stay within the Cylindrical Yellow Buoys.

If you are a nervous swimmer ask for a purple swim cap at packet pickup.  Your age still determines your wave but the purple cap color tells the guards to keep an eye on you. If you need help in the swim raise an arm and wave it and the guards will come to assist.

7:00am First Wave –    Males 40 and over

7:04am Second Wave –   Females 40 and over and Relays.

7:08am Third Wave - Males 39 and under

7:12am - Females 39 and under


Clydesdales and Athenas start with their age and gender wave and swim cap color.


Race Timing and Cut Offs

The race will officially end 8 hours and 30 minutes after the final swim wave. Aid station stops, transitions, etc. will be included in your total elapsed time. The following cut off times apply.

Swim Cut Off – 1 hour and 10 minutes after the final wave start.

Bike Cut Off – 5 hours and 30 minutes after the final wave start.

Run Cut Off – 8 hours and 30 minutes after the final wave start.

Your chip will capture your splits (swim, T1, bike, T2, run) and overall finish time.

Race management reserves the right to remove an athlete from the course and DNF the athlete if course officials determine there is no possibility of an athlete finishing the given discipline (swim, bike, run) before the posted cut off times based on an athlete’s location, time and average speed up to that point.

A USAT Official will be at the event and will be enforcing all USAT rules.  It is strongly suggested you visit the USAT website for the complete list of rules and review the Rules section under the Information tab on our website.


Aid Stations & Medical Staff

Water and HEED will be available at Transition and at the Finish Line.

Medical staff will be on the courses and in the SAG vehicles. Medical staff will be at the Beach House all race long.

Lifeguards will be lined along all swim courses on rescue boards and stand up paddle boards and kayaks.  Two dive teams will be on the swim course and many other watercrafts will be present to outline course and provide rest stops for swimmers. There will also be a rest raft with a lifeguard patrolling the end of all courses.  It is to be utilized if a swimmer needs a place to hang onto and rest.  They cannot move forward but can rest as needed. Life jackets will also be available if needed.   Two police boats will be on the swim courses for all races.

An ambulance will be on site all race long.  The Pawnee Fire Department Medical Sled will be located on the bike along New City Road.

A Bike medical tent will be located at approximately mile 25 going out on the bike and then on the return at mile 53. A restroom will be at the tent.

A Run medical tent will be located in the grass triangle west of Lindsey Bridge. Depending on your race it can be accessed at several different miles.  A restroom will be at the tent.

Bike course aid stations will be located at approximately every 10 miles.  They are designed to be accessed out and back.  They will have water, sport water bottles for exchanges, HEED, gels, and bananas. Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes will also be at most aid stations.

The run course will have aid stations with water, HEED, ice, cold/wet towels, cola, gels, pretzels, chips, and Endurolytes approximately every 1 – 1.5 miles, topography permitting. Misters will be on the run course at several spots.

Run aid stations are located at approximately  .9 miles and at miles 2, 3.8, 4.8, 5.4, 6.2, 7.2, 8.4, 9.3, 10.3, 10.7 and 11.7.  Restrooms are located at Marine Point at approximately miles 2.6 & 2.9.


Race Maps

The Key to a successful race is to know and remember the color GREEN.  GREEN is your mantra for successful course completion.

You will be issued a GREEN swim cap for your swim.  You will also be issued a bib with a GREEN background that must be worn on the bike and run.  You must also place the GREEN sticker on your helmet. GREEN course markings, signs, balloons will guide you along the courses.  Remember and follow the color GREEN.





Triathletes, here is the Finisher Medal for the Route 66 Half Iron Distance race.  A fitting souvenir for your 70.3 mile journey and accomplishment.  Wait until you see the shirts and other SWAG.




Lodging Information

The following hotel is a race sponsor and is located in downtown Springfield near the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

Springfield Hilton at 700 East Adams, 217-789-1530. They are about 15 minutes from the race site. It is located near many “things to do” and fine dining restaurants are within walking distance.

Please use this link for direct access to the Hilton Offer

The Route 66 Hotel is a sponsor located on business 55 and Stevenson Drive about 10 minutes from transition. They offer a pool, restaurant and have a block of rooms reserved for the triathlons.  They can be reached at 1-888-707-8366 or at

Hotels closer to I-55, the lake and race site are located along Dirksen Parkway.