KMC Sage City TriathlonSage City Tri

Start Time 7:30am

August 12, 2017

Monticello Aquatic Center

601 W. Railroad

Monticello, Il. 61856


Congratulations Triathletes,

What a great first year for the KMC Sage City Triathlon.

Below is the link to searchable results.

2016 Sage City Race Results

Many thanks and see you next year.


The BIG NEWS for 2017 is the addition of the Mini distance triathlon.

Sage City Mini Triathlon

Consists of a 100 meter outdoor pool swim, a 5 mile bike and a 1 mile run on the shaded path.

This is the perfect distance for youths and for  anyone wanting to Try a Tri. The On Line registration link is below.


The Kirby Medical Center/KMC Sage City Triathlon will include a 300 meter outdoor pool swim, 13.5 mile bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run. This USAT certified course will start in the new Monticello city pool using a serpentine swim route. The bike route will highlight one of Monticello’s prime attractions; Allerton Park. Riders will enter the park along the recently completed South entrance. The route circles the famous Sunsinger statue at the West edge of the park, and offers beautiful views of many park features. The run is a flat, fast course along a closed jogging path that is heavily shaded and travels over Monticello’s new wooden bridge spanning the Sangamon River. The run is paved for approximately two miles and is hard packed gravel for one mile. The surface variation offers terrific relief for tired feet. Expect PR run times.




SWAG – Stuff We All Get

All racers will receive a gender specific custom race shirt, finisher medal, race number belt, bib with bike frame sticker and a race collectible.  In addition, there will be on-course support, post race food and drinks and an award ceremony.

The final shirt order will be placed on Monday a.m. of race week.  You can still register thru and on race day but no shirt is guaranteed. The on-line registration option will be turned off Wednesday of race week at midnight.


Overall awards will be given to the Top 3 men and women.  In addition, awards will be given to the top 3 Overall Clydesdales (men over 220 lbs. and Athena women over 165 lbs.) and top 3 in each of the following age groups:  male and female – 14 and under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89.


Individuals: $55 early thru midnight on 6/30/2017, $65 late from 7/01 thru race day.

Collegiate*: $45 thru midnight on 6/30/2017, $55 late from 7/01 thru race day.

Relays: $110 early, $130 late

*A current student ID must be presented at packet pickup to ensure the Collegiate fee.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds.  A transfer to another Tri Harder event or next years’ event may be possible at the Race Director’s discretion when a valid, timely request is made by the participant.

Swim Course Map
Bike Course Map
Run Course Map

Road Hazards on the Bike Course

While we have driven the bike course several times with several team members in the weeks and days before the event, hazards may still exist on the course.

In order to provide a safe and enjoyable bike ride we have swept roads, mitigated or removed obstacles, installed directional signs and color-coded course tape arrows, briefed volunteers, posted maps, explained courses, provided safety personnel; in short, done our best to provide you a safe ride.

Existing hazards that were out of our control have been marked with temporary pink paint. Be aware of the PINK paint and avoid the hazard

However, there still may be hazards on the course due to the dynamic nature of triathlons and ever changing road conditions.

Your safety and success depends on knowing the course and your riding abilities. Ride fit, smart and be aware of the terrain, other racers and traffic.

It is your responsibility to know your course. It is highly suggested that you drive the bike course before the event.

Although all attempts have been made to make your event safe and successful, giving your attention to this issue will ensure that you are prepared for conditions.

Pool and Transition Area

Beginner’s Suggested 8 Week Sprint Training Plan

Monday – 15 to 30 minute swim

Tuesday – Spin class or bike for 15 to 45 minutes, then immediately 15-30 minute run. This is a Brick.

Wednesday – 15 to 30 minute swim

Thursday – 15 – 30 minute run

Friday – rest

Saturday – 30 to 90 minute bike

Sunday – 20 to 60 minute run


Race Day Information

Below is a breakdown of all USAT membership fees for 2016: The race is USAT Sanctioned.

· Adult Annual Membership – $50
· Adult One-day Membership – $15
· Youth (age 17 and under) Annual Membership – $10

Athletes may only pick up their own packets. Under no circumstances may an athlete pick up a packet for another person. All relay members must be present to receive the packet, or split up the relay packet for each participant.

If an athlete does not bring a photo ID to packet pickup there are two options:
· Go home to get it
· Have someone email/fax them a copy of their photo ID

. If an athlete does not bring a USAT membership card to packet pickup there are four options:
· Find internet access where a temporary card can be printed
· Go home to get it
· Purchase a one-day membership which can later be applied to a membership renewal by submitting a receipt of purchase
· Use the USAT Card App available for download through the App Store and Google Play store

Athletes that need to purchase a one-day license must sign the USAT waiver if it was not included with the event registration process. Annual members do not have to sign a waiver at packet pickup because they signed it when they applied to become an annual member.

Packet Pick-Up Times

Friday, August 11th,  2017

4:00 – 7:00 pm @ Kirby Medical Center

1000 Medical Center Dr.

Monticello, Il 61856

Race day packet pickup is from 5:30am – 7:00am @ the Monticello Aquatic Center

Racers must show their PHOTO ID and if applicable their USAT membership card or pay the one-day USAT fee of $15. The youth fee is $10 and is for an annual membership.


There will be signs posted for parking; follow the signs and volunteers’ directions.

A Mandatory Pre-Race meeting is scheduled 15 minutes before the start of the race (poolside 7:15 am)

Race Identification

Packets will contain 2 separate race numbers.

The sticker number is to be attached to the bike frame.  This number will be utilized for race identification and to allow the removal of your bike from the transition area.

The bib number should be worn on the race number belt during the bike and run portion. It is mandatory on the bike course.

Listening Devices

Based on USAT rules, no listening devices will be permitted on the course. While these may aid your training, they make you and others around you unsafe on race day. You will be disqualified if you choose to ignore this rule. Safety of everyone on the course is our #1 goal. Keep your tunes for training. NO EXCEPTIONS, NO DEBATES, NO REFUNDS.

FYI, if you are injured during the event, a listening device cancels any USAT insurance claim.

Timing Chips

Timing Chips will be distributed beginning Saturday at 7:00 am, poolside.  Once you get a chip, you cannot cross the timing mats near the pool.  Be aware of this or you could mess up everyone’s times.

Volunteers will remove Timing Chips immediately after you cross the finish line. If your chip is not returned, you will be charged for it.

Race Day Street Closures

Railroad Street will be closed from Livingston St to NW Union St intersections. That stretch of Railroad St runs the length of the city pool.

Race Day Traffic Control

Monticello City Police and Piatt County Police will partner to control the busiest intersections on race day, including the intersection at the entrance to Allerton Park, the Old Levee and Old Timber intersections,   the entrance to the Monticello Country Club and County Farm Rd and the Bike Path crossing. Volunteers will help with traffic control for intersections that are less frequently used.

Course Notes

The bike course is largely open to traffic. All intersections will have traffic control with race marshals and/or police, but racers should pay attention to their surroundings and race accordingly.  If in question, follow police directions; don’t trust the traffic.

The Bike turn-around is approximately half-way from the transition area and will be at the Sun Singer statue. The road will be marked in advance of the turn-around.

The run course is mainly closed.  It is closed once you are on the trail.

There are only two 90 degree turns on the bike course, you will hit them twice.   They will be marked with yellow arrows, yellow route arrows, yellow signs and have a 9′ tall yellow balloon.

There are only two 90 degree turns on the run course, you will hit them twice. They will be marked with yellow arrows, yellow route arrows, yellow signs.

Only turn when you see yellow and do not go thru cones.  Cones block you and cars off, never go thru cones.

Please review both the bike and run course routes on the website map. You are expected to know the courses; it is not the responsibility of the volunteers or police.

You should also know all relevant USAT rules for the event. Please visit for details on swim, bike and run rules and best practices.

During race week you will be sent via email Race Day Information that will discuss specifics such as swim patterns, bike rules, handling and drafting. In the packet will be a Message from the Head Referee, you should read and understand the ref’s message.

USAT officials will be on course looking for bar end plugs, helmet certification, buckled chin straps, drafting and other violations. Read and adhere to the rules and you will be fine.


Water and Hammer Nutrition’s HEED will be available at the Start, in Transition, at the Finish.  There are restrooms inside and outside of the Aquatic Center.

There is a toilet in Allerton Park you can access at miles 4.1 and 9.3.

Restrooms are located in the Pool area.  There are no on-course facilities on the run course due to the relatively short distances.

First Aid/Medical

Medical personnel will be at the Start/Finish and on course.  Ambulance and Police departments can be reached at 911.

Food & Refreshments

Racers will receive Subway Sandwiches, fruit, chips, cookies and drinks after their race. Please show bib for lunch. All volunteers will receive a lunch but must wear their volunteer shirt to receive.

Fluids will be available at several locations on site, but we request that only racers and volunteers consume these drinks.

Please review the SITE MAPS which will be located around the aquatic center for racer and spectator movement patterns and site orientation. Maps are also available on the website.

Course Marking

The course will be marked with yellow paint directional arrows on the road and volunteers will be on course.

There will be yellow directional arrows and/or signs when course changes occur. Volunteers will be on the course for guidance.

There are 9′ tall yellow balloons at the bike course turns.

Orange paint on street means rough spot. Pay attention for the Orange paint.

Finish & Transition Area

Only registered triathletes are allowed in transition.

Transition closes at 7:10am.

Be mindful of yours and others space.  USAT rules allow 7 bikes per rack.  We only assign 6 bikes per rack so all have space.  Please do not abuse the space, the RD or race staff will consolidate your equipment if it takes up too much space.

All bikes must have bar end plugs.  If you need bar end plugs, please see your nearest bike shop for purchase and installation, they are inexpensive but required.  All racers must wear a CPSC approved helmet which must be fastened before leaving transition & during the bike. Not having a helmet is cause for disqualification.  Racers cannot ride their bike in transition; racers must exit the transition and wait to mount their bikes at the “Mount/Dismount” line.


Security will be provided from 7:00 am until 11:00am. No one except racers are allowed in transition area; this is for everyone’s safety and security.  Hassling the entrance and exit volunteers is immediate disqualification – Thank a volunteer, do not hassle a volunteer.

All racers are required to read and understand the USAT and equipment waivers. Both must be signed, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Volunteers must also sign a release before entering the course. There will be a Volunteer check in banner and flag with a sign-in and out sheet. Please get a shirt, a safety vest, orange flag and be ready to get busy.