Heat in a July Triathlon?

To ease concerns we wanted to explain all the steps being taken to keep you cool.
In addition to all the SIU medical support we will have lots of fluids on the course including HEED, water and ice and wet/cold towels, gels and Hammer Endurolytes. Use all liberally. We will have misters on the course, shade tents and FRS Energy Products and Honest Tea after the race. Thanks to the Crowder Corp. we literally have a ton of ice. We can make ice angels and will have piles for you to chill on.
By drinking the HEED, water and Endurolytes you should be fine on the course and once finished, lots of shade, air conditioning and Popsicles.
The heat will be typical July in Illinois weather but we are prepared. See you soon.
Oh yeah, icy cold chocolate milk, soda and the spectators will have many options to choose from for adults and children.