Swimmer Concerns

Since we cannot wear wetsuits due to water temperature, I wanted to highlight the safety measures in place to provide you a safe swim. I am a retired SCUBA instructor and take water safety very serious. Therefore we will have 8 lifeguards on rescue boards on water, 8 guards in canoes along the swimmer pack, jet skis and kayaks along the pack. Power boats surrounding the course along with two police boats and the dive/rescue team. At not time will you be more than a few feet away from help. You can hold onto any craft but cannot move forward. Once you get ready you can still complete the swim. If you feel nervous hold up and wave your arm and within seconds help will be there. We will also gave doctors on the water and on shore. At no time will you be far from help. We will also have special swim caps for nervous swimmers. Ask for a special cap at packet pickup and the guards will follow you along the course. Please do not let fear hold you back. We can help you overcome your feelings and help you complete your triathlon.