Abe’s Trail Trek News

Trail runners, just a quick update about new developments for the November 17 trail runs. Thanks to Country Financial agents Mike O’Brien and Tony Karrick all finishers will receive a most prestigious cow bell when you cross the fnish line. You can have a souvenir of your race and a musical instrument to cheer on other runners. We also have arranged for the Stier Trolley Express to shuttle you from the Finish back up the Everist like hill to your vehicle. Unless you want to do hill repeats. We are also working on live music in the log cabin and the menu for a perfect lunch in the pioneer building and museum. Very cool awards have been ordered that compliment the 1800’s theme of the venue and we are working on a one of a kind Finisher shirt for all entrants. Space is limited in all races and registration is exceeding expectations so don’t wait any longer to come trail run or perhaps cross train for all our triathlete friends out there. Trek On.