Abe’s Mini and Pioneer Sprint Finisher SWAG

I know it’s hard to envision an outdoor triathlon with a foot of snow on the ground but that will be gone by the end of the week and the TRI bug will be scratching. In addition to the great venue, courses, affordable price, chicken and noodles lunch, thanks to Dr. Gensler from Petersburg Chiropractic every Finisher will receive a hybrid race belt to hold your bib, no more safety pins with holes thru shirts or poked skin. These are very nice and offer the buttons and lace locks to secure the bib.
As you know we partner with sponsors that are actual racers who know what it takes and what we give. Dr, Gensler was instrumental in setting up Abe ‘s Trail Trek and just competed in the Clinton Lake 50k Ultra. He will be on site race day so thank him for your belt and ask him about any issues or niggles you may have.
Race fees are $40 for the mini and $45 for the Sprint. These are the lowest in Central Illinois. We are limited to 300 racers and registration is ahead of last years pace. See you soon when it’s the Spring.