April Triathlon Summary

Greetings Athletes,
A quick reminder that the last day to register for the Abe’s Mini and Pioneer Sprint Triathlons taking place on April 20th and be guaranteed a shirt is today until midnight.

Registration will be open until race day but why wait? The extended forecast calls for SUN on Saturday with a “feels like” temperature in the mid 60’s. Did I mention SUN and sixties. Yes the past few days and weeks have made training difficult but thats why nobody ever says ” let’s play triathlon”

The race day forecast is looking very nice and everything is set for a great day and events.

The course is in great shape and will provide the test of fitness you need to start the season. After marking it over the weekend I realized the bike and run have it all, fast flats, rolling hills, scenic and historic views, ups, downs and in betweens.

All entrants gets a custom race shirt, collector bib and frame sticker, a hybrid race belt, fruit, bagels, chocolate milk, drinks, and warm lunch of chicken and noodles and sides just for tri’ing.

Forget the weather of the recent past and…

Keep Calm and Triathl – On!