June Water Temps for Stovepipe and Railsplitter

As a follow up to the questions regarding wetsuits and water temps for the June 15 th events here is what we know. Water temp today was 65 degrees with good visibility. What it will be on race day in unknown. The chances of being able to wear wetsuits are good but dependent on many factors. As many know wetsuits provide warmth, buoyancy and speed so we hope they can be worn.
Here are the USAT rules regarding their use.
Age group participants shall be permitted to wear a wetsuit in events with water temperatures up to and including 78 degrees F. When the water temperature is greater than 78 degrees F., but less than 84 degrees F., age groupers may wear a wetsuit at their discretion, but they will not be eligible for awards. Age groupers shall not wear a wetsuit when water temperatures is equal to or greater than 84 degrees F.

Bottom line, you may be abel to wear a suit depending on water temps on race day. We will posting water temps weekly until race week.
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I will be sporting my Vortex at Lake Carlyle this weekend. See you soon.