July Triathlon Updates

Greetings Triathletes,
The bike and run course maps are now posted for the Route 66 Half Iron. We moved the run into the sharded roads along the lake to keep you cool. Very nice rolling, wooded run with lake views and the chance to see all racers on the course. The bike course is almost completely marked and the bridge will be fixed by race day. Should be marked by Monday at the latest.
Run is completely marked and ready for testing. Please be careful on this course with open roads while training. The cars fly and no shoulder. Race day the entire run course is closed to traffic so no worries that day.

All comments have been positive about courses although some can’t be printed here. But let’s suffice to say, this may be called the “Mother Half” next year. This is not typical central Illinois terrain. Preparie to be tested while setting your PR.

Many thanks to the massage therapists from University Spa and Cosmetology Arts coming on race day to massage your muscles.
Prairie Farms is supplying chocolate milk for your recovery needs and Pease’s Fine Candies and Nuts is supplying the coveted dark chocolate that makes it all better.
That’s it for now but many surprises are in store and will be posted as they develop. See you soon.