Railsplitter & Stovepipe Triathlons in June

A sincere thanks to all the triathletes who participated in the Railsplitter and Stovepipe tri’s last Saturday on the new date in June. It appears the new date is a hit since we saw record numbers and expect the same Father’s Day weekend next year.
Racers faced the challenging courses in wet conditions and all finished their event with smiles and positive comments. Not one racer took us up on a ride back to their vehicles in the downpour. 100 percent of these dedicated athletes said they wanted to continue their race and many laughed at the offer.
You are all inspirations and the reason we continue to host these events. Many thanks and see you in July.
Please, please, please know your course. This is a USAT rule and common sense approach to racing. Do not follow anyone blindly and always know your course and color coding so you stay on course and are able to finish. We go to great lengths with course markings, signage, volunteers, course marshalls and maps yet some still venture off course. Pursuant to USAT rules we have no choice but to disqualify your race. This makes no one happy and all agree it shouldnt happen. So please KNOW YOUR COURSE.