Stoneman & Iron Abe Updates

Just a reminder that registration is open for the July 27 th Iron Abe Olympic and Stoneman Sprint Triathlons at Lake Springfield. While this will be the 13 th year for these triathlons we have many exciting changes for this years events. These include new Overall and Age Group Awards for the Stoneman Sprint from Matt Matheney from MGW, Matt is a stone artist and has some great ideas for this years awards and big plans for next years awards.
The new swim courses that keep you closer to shore and safety staff while taking you thru the arches of Lindsay Bridge. We will also be implementing Best Open Water swim practices that have been posted on the wesbite under the information tab and includes 5 minutes between waves so you can get wet and comfortable in the water and a resting raft located on the course for you to take a break and hold onto to rest if needed.
The new swim courses also lets family and friends view you from above on the bridge so they can cheer you on as you pass thru the arches which are 80 feet wide. This is a first for Springfield triathlons and I can tell you from personal experience it is a very cool nuance to a swim going thru an arch. Take a moment to look up and enjoy the view since the only time this can be done is race day. Great photo opportunity.
More tents in the shade for getting ready before the race and after while chilling out during the awards ceremony.
Bathrooms on the bike and run courses.
Bike racking and race coding by color so all you need to remember is your color to make your way along the courses.
To assist with color coding and race identification all racers will receive a collector item bib and frame sticker unique to your race.
More race day maps and signage to guide you on your course.
A USAT Head Referee on site to enforce sportsmanship and USAT rules and most important a good time for all.
Unsurpassed race day medical and safety personnel on all courses. This includes the doctors from SIU Healthcare, two dive teams, springfield police and fire dept. boats on the courses, an ambulance on site, more police on courses, more volunteers, and doctors riding in race vehicles.
The Air Evac Lifeteam Medical Helicopter will be on site for questions and answers and tours of this medical transport aircraft.
Abe has agreed to make an appearance and be present for the awards ceremony so remember to swim swiftly, bike briskly and run rapidly.
Thanks to our Main Sponsors PhysioTherapy Professionals and Country Companies all racers will receive Finisher mementos that are race ready and functional including hi tech wicking socks and the latest dual fastener race belts to hold your bibs for many races to come.
And of course all racers receive a custom wicking technical shirt specific to your race and a post race lunch with many surprises. Talks are still underway but you will not go away hungry from your race.
Quite an update with more to come. And of course the chance to race for chocolate with the coveted dark chocolate from Pease’s Candies and the ultimate recovery drink, chocolate milk from Prairie Farms.

Registration and more details can be found at

See you soon.