Swim, Bike, Run of St. Louis

Swim Bike Run from St. Louis will be bringing their mobile triathlon store to the venue on Friday afternoon. Sally Drake and company will have many last minute tri needs on site and be available to answer all your triathlon related questions.
Swim Bike Run is our favorite tri store hands down. They are great people with years of experience racing and providing the latest triathlon products. Take a day and visit the store west of St. Louis and after drooling over all the cool stuff you need, head to Babler State Park for a hill ride you cant imagine. The store is incredible and the hills formidable.
And if the latest tri gear on site Saturday isn’t enough to impress you with Swim Bike Run, they will be providing a mechanic on the course for any mechanical needs that we hope don’t arise. They will be riding in a green pick up truck with a race vehicle sign in the front window. Allow some extra time Friday or Saturday to visit with the owner and staff of Swim Bike Run.