Abe’s Trail Trek – Trails Status

If you haven’t been on the trails at New Salem lately you will be amazed. Hours upon hours of trimming and clearing have created manicured trails that are now double track. These are the BEST trails in the area thanks to site staff. The Mountain Bike loop on the 15k does not even resemble the tight trail of last year. It is now clearer, safer, wider but still a lung busting, heart thumping endeavor for the advanced trail runner. Go check them out and see what race you want to enter this year. Both on line and mail in registration is now open on www.triharderpromotions.com under the Abe’s Trail Trek tab. Go check the trails out. Yellow ribbons mark the 5k course, orange ribbons mark the 10k course and pink ribbons mark the 15 course. The grist mill bridge is not currently open but will be open for race day. There is an interim path along the hill that gets you back onto the 10 and 15k courses so go practice and choose your trail. See you soon.