Abe’s & Pioneer Fee Increase

Greetings Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the fees increase tonight at 11:59pm for both the Abe’s Mini and Pioneer Sprint Triathlons on April 26th.

Register tonight and avoid the price increase.

A word about the winter we just endured.

It messed up everyone’s training plans. We have heard from many from all over the state and several other states about the cabin fever, doldrums, lack of motivation and couch potato like syndrome.

It’s ok, everyone is on a level playing field and just come out and have fun and remember why we love triathlon.

We are endurance athletes and endured winter, it’s time to get back to our passion and get ready to endure the triathlon season.

Who knows, maybe this downtime gave us recovery we didn’t even know we needed. That means fresh mind and body for a new season.

See you soon on a course somewhere.