Moonlight Marathon & Craft Beer


One last development that you may want to consider or share with other runners not brave enough to sign up for the night run yet.

Obed and Isaac’s, a local craft beer brewery and eatery will be providing post race samples of their Ditzy Blonde and a brewmaster choice beer for the post race recovery process.

Now in addtion to the great venue and all the swag, you get beer afer the race, or if you prefer, chocolate milk from Prairie Farms for recovery.

Have a glass in the beer garden on the hill overlooking the start/finish line while watching the runners go past on their journey.

Gentlemen, as of now the majority of our 200 plus runners are females. If you needed a reason to run you now have two.

1. The ladies are not afraid of the dark nor cemeteries.

2. There is beer after your run.

Many thanks to Obed and Isaac’s for their generosity.