Ironman Finish

I wanted to share our Ironman adventure since many have asked how we did. We drove to Ironman Lake Tahoe and although we were standing on the beach in wetsuits ready to go, WTC canceled the event due to the hazardous amount of smoke in the air. on race day Good decision but should have been made the day before since all agencies were stating the air was bad and dangerous to your health. There was a massive warning to “Stay indoors and do not exercise outside”. A tough warning to heed when you are there for an Ironman.
We then decided to race in IM Chattanooga since we were provided a slot for another $106. IM CHOO went very well but I had major issue with a knee and IT band. Finished but there is discrepancy in the time. It was posted at 12:49, then that went off the website, my watches said 13:28 but the clock said 13:14. All are a PR and I cannot say enough good things about IM CHOO. Great event, venue and the people are amazing. After 9 Ironman across the country, IM CHOO is my favorite. My time is being discussed with WTC and I should have a time soon. Total miles 144.6. Yes 4 miles makes a difference.