Triathlon Equipment Theft

Well I thought someone stealing the American flag from Abe’s Trail Trek was low but that incident does not compare to the burglary of the tri shed and the loss of thousands of dollars in tri equipment on Christmas night.
We received the call from the police and went to find that several 10′ rescue boards were stolen, 2 large swim buoys, a mountain bike, a kayak with paddle and pfd, metal couplings hand made for the bike racks, 4 new garbage cans and who knows what else at this time.
The team had to move tons and tons of equipment over the weekend to new space and now get to inventory the actual loss.
While we still hope to open all registrations on January 1st, this may not happen. My time is now at the mercy of police, insurance and landlords.

We will post when all races are open.

Oh yeah, all the equipment has THP in marker on it so please keep an eye out for it and contact me if you see any of it. Thank you.