Dark 5K Start on May 9th

Greetings Runners.

Based on several questions we are going to offer 2 starts for the 5K runners.

Only the 5k runners. All other races start at time designated on website.

The 5k runners who want to race for a time and award will start at 5:45pm as stated on the website.

If you want to run in the dark and not be eligible for awards we are offering a 8:30 start that will be timed but will not be eligible for awards.

You will get a finisher gift regardless of start time.

The late start is a test to see if we can control the course and runners at night with several races going on. We were very hesitant to do this but try to provide what the runenrs want and a dark 5k is wanted.

So if you want to run a 5k in the dark you will start at 8:30pm and be timed but no award. You will be required to carry a light of some sort, flashlight, headlamp, knuckle lights, etc.

You must be registered by 7:30pm for the dark start. If you have registered on line please check in at registration before 7:30 so we know how many runners are on the course

If you want to run for a time and award you will start at 5:45pm and register by 5:15pm. No light is required.

We will see how this goes and decide on a 5k start time for next year based on racer count for this year.

Personally I think a DARK 5k is very unique and an awesone opportunity for a night run but we are very worried about course confusion and runner ability.

As your Race Director I must tell you it is your responsibility to know the course, listen to the volunteers, follow the arrows and signs and KNOW THE COURSE.

Yes the map is confusing and we are working on that but mapping software does not work well in such a tight area and we offer the best we can.

See you soon.