Weather Contingency Plan for Triathlon


As you know it looks like we might get wet this Saturday at the triathlon.

Since you are a triathlete or made the commitment to become a triathlete, you know we train in the rain and we race in the rain.
Lightning is another story – we avoid lightning in training and racing.

While some predictions call for lightning others do not.

In the case of lightning at the start times, we will delay the start until the lightning has passed and we have been given the go ahead by local authorities.

If lightning occurs during the swim we will evacuate the pool and surrounding area immediatley and wait for it to pass and then continue.

If lightning occurs on the bike or run, seek shleter and wait for us to come pick you up in a white box truck which will be driving the course. We can transport bikes and racers back to the school commons area.
The race will be canceled if we need to pick racers up on the course and options will be considered.

If you choose to keep going, that is your option however the finish line and timing equipment will be taken down and brought indoors.

If you are unsure about coming to the event, let us assure you that racing it will be worth your time.

If we have to cancel, we will have a race appropriate gift for every racer as a thank you for coming out to tri.