Moonlight Loop is Marked

Hey Runners,

The 6.55 mile loop is marked with over 600 blue reflectors, 2 rolls of high visibility yellow route arrows and will have cones, cones and cones on race day,   ummm I mean NIGHT.

Never run through cones or tape and you will not get lost.   Only run along cones and tape and keep the reflectors to your left and stay on the road and you will find your way back.

We can’t mark the Tomb area yet or around Lincoln Park Lagoons but it’s pretty obvious just follow the sidewalks to blue reflectors.

With the new gates open on 3rd street you can run the entire loop and end up back at the Lincoln Park Pavilion.

We are working on some changes to reduce some turns and add the war memorials but working with 2 courses, 6.55 mile and 5k is a challenge.

We will be posting a revised map and will have them on site race day but working with a cemetery and mapping software has been a learning experience.  The are not made for each other when the area is so tight.

Anyway, if you get a chance go check out the course and see what you got yourself into?

Going to be a blast and very unique experience.

See you Saturday in the Moonlight at Oak Ridge Cemetery.