Race Day Info and Parking and Wetsuits

Good Evening Triathletes,

I hope all are fed, hydrated and resting at this time.

Please check the www.triharderpromotions.com and click on the Stovepipe or Railsplitter tab for race day information.

It is expected that all entrants have read this information. It is your responsibilty to know this info, the courses and the rules.

We will have race boards up at transition that have the course maps so please familiarize yourself with the courses.

They are color coded with ORANGE being the mantra for the Olympic Railsplitter distance and YELLOW for the Stovepipe Sprint.



Due to the heavy rains we need everyone to park at the Finish parking lot which is located before transition. The grass field is a swamp and you will get stuck.

You can drive to transition and quickly drop off equipment and spectators or use the Stier Trolley Express to make your way to transition. Park at Finish and use the Trolley.

You will not be allowed to park in the normal lot or along the streets since parking on the roads will place athletes in jeapordy. You will be towed and ticketed if you park on the roads. Take the trolley and relax.


The water temperature is 76 degrees along the course. It has been verified by the Race Director and Rescue Squad.

This means wetsuits are allowed for everyone and all are eligible for awards.

Of course race day temps dictate the wetsuit rule but I am confident wetsuits will be allowed.

Good news for all.

Sorry for late news but the rain has been a challenge that we have met and will not be an issue tomorrow.


Read the race day inifo.

Park at the finish lot and ride trolley

Wear a wetsuit.

Have fun, enjoy the event and THANK A COP & VOLUNTEER

See you in the am.