Austria 70.3 World Championship – Oh Yeah!

Fellow triathletes,

As many of you know there are very few Race Directors that actually race triathlons.  At Tri Harder we pride ourselves on the fact that all the team members race in various distances throughout the season while still hosting several events.

Today at Muncie 70.3 your Tri Harder Race Director won a roll down spot for the August 70.3 World Championship in Austria.   I wish I could say it was on performance but my run didn’t go well and I finished in 6:33.

Had a smoking bike averaging 21 mph but then the heat and hills of the course nailed me and “the wheels fell off” and major leg cramps ensued.

Regardless, I had a feeling that something big was going to happen today because I have been dealing with Tri burnout and needed to be reminded why I love this insane sport.

Yes the Austria spot was a big plus but I had told Carol after the bike that “I was back” and had a ball in the swim and bike and now the run/walk/shuffle.

The other big news is Ginger completed her first Half Iron and did great even with a wardrobe malfunction.  She can explain and no we didn’t get pictures.

So we are now at the campground drinking the Champagne we had brought to celebrate Ginger’s accomplishment and now we are toasting Austria.

Hard fact is now I have to train smart and hard and, dare I say, change my evil ways for 2 months.

I am giddy with excitement and look forward to sharing the adventure with all and let it be said, sometimes perseverance and hanging around for hours at the venue pays off.

We look forward to seeing everyone in July and now you know we suffer, endure and enjoy triathlon in all it’s facets, just like you!

Keep Tri’ing