Results Link & Follow Up & A Few Words


The results for all of Saturday’s races are posted at

Copy that link into your browser and you will find the results for your race.

I have forwarded the link to our webmaster and they will be posted on the Tri Harder website today but  in the interim use the link and check out your time.


Please contact with any timing issues.  They are our contracted timing service and they do a great job when people adhere to the guidelines.


We apologize for the delay but want everyone to know and think about what transpired on Saturday.

Grown adults, most who are highly educated were not able to pick their correct chip from the boards.

It was a very simple task, look at your arm or bib and get the exact numbered chip that matched that number.

I heard reports of racers running up to the boards and grabbing any chip they could get fast.


This resulted in a bad time for that person and many others and has created a timing nightmare for many racers and our contracted timer Championchip 247.

When this was brought to my attention I made an announcement that you were to look at your chip and make sure it matched the number on your arm, if it did not you were instructed to return the chip and get the correct one.

I further clarified that not only would the wrong chip provide the wrong time for you, it would provide the wrong time for at least 1 other racer and the ripples could be great through the ranks.

As we all now know several of you raced with a wrong chip and now I am getting hate mails and many other negative comments from most likely the people that caused the chaos.

I am not sure what has happened to personal responsibility and accountability but everyone that is reading this needs to look inside and ask, did I take the wrong chip and help contribute to the problem?

I am sure we will never know but I do know this, If we have to watch every move every racer makes to cover ourselves, we are done with hosting triathlons.

I am also disgusted by the masses who proceeded to help themselves to the swag our volunteers had mistakingly left on the tables in the registration room.

They, nor I realized racers would steal anything not nailed down.

I have several reports of racers taking handfuls of items in the Sports Authority bags that we were using for the packets and then meet our volunteers and take the race supplied bag also.

You were not entitled to those items and in fact you were stealing those items.

It saddens me to know that people I worked my ass off for, are now taking jabs at me, my team, our volunteers and our timer.

If you don’t know me, I don’t take kindly to people making accusations from a distance and I do fight back.

Anyone could have come talk to me about the results issue on race day and we could have figured out what was going on? I am very approachable in person and look forward to providing a complete triathlon experience for every racer.

I do have the authority to report any un-sportmanslike conduct to USAT which could result in a 1 year ban from USAT events.

So you may want to think about those hate mails you have sent it or thinking about sending and know yours may be with some that will be going to USAT for review.

I will stick up for everyone associated with the race management and know we provided all we could to make your day a success.

However, I will not tolerate the hate mails and other comments directed to my team when the problem was caused by a few individuals that could not handle the simple task of retrieving a chip that matched the number on their arm.

This lack of accountability and personal responsibility is going to ruin this sport.

This topic comes up at every race director meeting I attend and many RD’s are calling it quits because of the “I am entitled” attitude assumed by some ego centric  individuals.

From all race day feedback, the races were a huge success.  Now when there is the veiled anonymity of emails we hear how things went wrong and people want my head on a platter.

I have said my peace and I hope all can be adults and look inward and ask, am I part of the problem, or part of the solution?

If you are part of the problem and/or part of the triathlon community that feels I payed a fee I am entitled, do not come back.

Depending on what vitriol you sent in an email.  You may not be coming back for a year anyway.