Revised Route 66 Bike Course – Faster & Smoother

Hey Triathletes,

We have final approval to revise the Route 66 Bike Course.

The Iron Abe and Stoneman courses remain the same and are not affected by this change.


Based on your input and advice from the county engineer and police we are deleting the portion of the course that went South on Eastlake Drive past Lincoln Memorial Gardens and then connected to the “Mother Road” near Cotton Hill Park.

This results in us not biking on the oldest and longest remaining stretch of the “Mother Road” but we will still be on the road however with a different approach.

The new course will turn left at Pawnee Road,  where all other biker turn left by the memorial gardens,  then take a right at the Pawnee and New City Road.   Once you take the right just pedal fast, fast, fast west to return to the original bike course by Ball School.

You will turn left/south on Route 66 (smooth part) as you did in previous years and proceed to the Turn Around (TA) which is farther North on the frontage road.  It will be marked with green arrows, signs, balloons, volunteers and police.  You need to see all of the above before turning around or you have cut the course.

We will be tracking all Half Iron bikers to make sure they make the new turn around. If you don’t make the TA you will be disqualified for cutting the course.

After you make the TA just follow the road and arrows back to the Pawnee and New City Intersection and go straight through it and onto the old course heading to Lake Sangchris.

In summary, turn left with all other bikers at Pawnee Road and proceed to New City intersection and turn right then pedal your seat off.   Hit the Turn Around and come back to the intersection and go straight to the lake as you have in previous years.

Just follow green arrows and signs and it’s a very easy change.   The new course map is on the website under the Route 66 tab.

This is a huge improvement in the course with a much smoother and faster ride. You have the possibility to hit a bike PR on this revised course and more importantly, you get to keep your teeth in your head and sitz bones happy.  Bike On.