2016 Tri Harder Events & Dates

Greetings Everyone,

Listed below are the 2016 dates for all the Tri Harder events.

All are firm except the Moonlight Marathon at Oak Ridge cemetery but we think it will be May 14th. Still working with city and permits.

Registration is open for the upcoming November 14th Abe’s Trail Trek and all other registrations will open December 1st.

New this year for Abe’s is the trail Half Marathon, the cancellation of the 15k, new handmade awards for the 10k winners and awards for the 5k runners who choose to run fast.

We will be offering the very popular Christmas pricing for 24 days in December for the Route 66 Half Iron. Keep an eye on your emails for that announcement.

As for the Half Iron I want to take a minute to let everyone know that Route 66 is and always will be an American owned event.

For those of you who do not read Slowtwitch, you should all read Slowtwitch, the Ironman Brand which was sold to a US equity group has been sold to one of the richest corporations in the world and they are based in China.

Unlike the Ironman brand we will not sell out to a Chinese Corporation or ever de-value the quality of an event for profit.

Of course a race must support itself to continue but as previously stated we host events for the passion of the sport and for the athletes who love the sport.

For more info on this sale look at Slowtwitch.com and search Ironman Sale, it’s a hot topic.

2016 Events & Dates

April 23rd Abe’s Mini & Pioneer Sprint at PORTA High School

May TBD Moonlight Marathon at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield Illinois

June 18th Railplsitter Olympic & Stovepipe Sprint at Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site

July 30th Stoneman Sprint, Iron Abe Olympic and Route 66 Half Iron at Lake Springfield

Novermber 12th Abe’s Trail Trek at Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site

More details at www.triharderpromotions.com

Hope to see you at the Trail Trek and in 2016