USAT 2nd Annual Medical Conference

I wanted to take a moment to share another big learning opportunity for the team at Tri Harder. We will be attending the 2nd annual USAT Medical Conference to learn about the latest findings and information on how to make our races as safe as possible and keep you safe at all times. Speakers include the Chief of Medical for the Ironman World Championship in Kona and many other leading sports medicine greats with special interest in triathlon.
As we often emphasize, we not only host triathlons we live triathlon. From participating in the 70.3 World Championship, hosting and helping the “Iron Cowboy” reach his 50/50/50 world record, helping the youngest man ever with finishing his half iron goal and now attending this world renowned conference we hope as racers you realize we live/love triathlon. It is not a business, it is our passion and pleasure and we Tri Harder to provide you the best TRI experience ever by sharing what we learn.
Come race with us in 2016 and see what we have learned from the world’s best.