Dear Trathletes,

We need your help in keeping the PORTA Pool open.

For 8 years the April Triathlons have been a season opener and test of fitness for thousands of triathletes from Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Mississippi, Wisconsin and Iowa

Late January the main pump failed on the pool. The estimated costs to repair the pump is $25,000. While a porion of your entry fees have always been donated to the pool in the past, we now need your help.

Although the pool is in the PORTA High School and funded by the school district, the district cannot afford the repairs and there is a meeing on Feb. 3rd to decide what action to take, fix the pool or close the pool?

We maintain it is time for the school board, athletic programs, county leaders, city leaders and the PORTA Foundation to realize the pool is a community asset and not just a school cost.

In addition to triathlons the pool hosts lessons, swim meets, scuba classes, lifeguard training, pool parties and other functions.

We would like you to email Mr. Matt Brue, the school superintendent and Mr. Darren Hartry, the school principal, and please ask them to keep the pool open by finding alternative funding sources from the city, county, athletic program or foundation.

Mr. Brue can be reached at and Mr. Hartry can be reached at
Please understand both Matt and Darren are friends of Triathlon and have supported the April triathlons since inception.

These are the good guys faced with a tough problem. We maintain it is time for the PORTA pool to become a community asset and not school cost.

Please let these gentlemen know the pool is appreciated and needed for the community.

Your support is appreciated, thank you.