Save the Pool, Get a Collector’s Mug

Greetings Triathletes & Runners,

As you know, the PORTA Pool will be repaired and open for the April 23rd Triathlons (and for deep water running and runner rehab).

The repairs have been completed, but now it’s time for the bill to be paid – approx. $20,000.

The community has raised about half of the needed funding but we are still raising funds to cover the $10,000 deficit.

At Tri Harder we know everyone receiving this email loves a challenege, so here is the challenge.

Tri Harder will match any donation dollar for dollar up to $1,000 (or $2,000 total going to the repairs). Even better, anyone donating $20 or more will receive a collectible Triathlon/Runner mug.

You can mail the donation/make check payable to Tri Harder 20533 Gudgel Ave., Petersburg, Il 62675 with “pool repair” in memo or bring your donation on race day.

We will have a “funds raised” bucket and progress thermometer on site so you can see how much our triathletes/runners are helping.

Please open up your wallet and Save the Swim for many years to come.

As an example of how much the community wants the pool & the triathlons to continue in Petersburg, last night we had zero questions at the City Council Meeting where we go for city approval to use the streets.

Usually there are questions about everything; last night, two alderman approved the request at the same time. That has never happened before.

Petersburg wants Triathlons to stay in Petersburg; the city has approved the event and the cemetery leaders have not only approved our use of the cemetery, they are vollunteering at the events.

Bottom line: we are wanted. Please help us all in keeping the race in the community. Show your support by donating to the fund, getting a mug and being part of something bigger than one person. We can change lives with Triathlon and Running.