The PORTA Pool is OPEN — But still needs help to pay the bills

Hey all,

I am reaching out to triathletes and runners both to thank those of you who helped SAVE the PORTA POOL.

The April Triathlons will go on as scheduled on the 23rd. 

As we know triathletes use the pool to swim while both runners and triathletes use the pool for deep water running, rehab and fun.

Bottom line many people use local pools for many reasons and pools are threatened in many locales.

That is why we need your help and offer a challenge to help the pool.

For every dollar donated to the pool on April 23rd or through the mail, TRI HARDER will match your dollar up to $1,000, for $2,000 total.

A funds raised thermometer and bucket will be on site at registration so pleae bring some cash or your checkbook.

We can raise at minimum $2,000 in one day iif you donate a few bucks or a few more bucks. Please dig deep and realize the training tool and recreation opportunties that a pool provides for many people.

Mail in donations can be sent to Tri Harder Promotions 20533 Gudgel Ave. Petersburg, Il. 62675. Any amount is appreciated.


The repairs are scheduled to be done this week with a estimated cost of $25,000.

As you may know many individuals, companies, banks, groups, clubs and the PORTA Foundation have pledged money to the costs.

If you have not already LIKED Athens State Bank on Facebook please do so now. They will donate up to $2,000 for every like they get at

We have raised about half of the needed funds and ask that you help us fully fund the repairs and keep PORTA Pool open for years to come.

The agreement to get the pool open asap is the school district will loan the money for the repairs but the full amount must be payed back in a timely manner.

Please help us make the timely manner payback much sooner than later so we can show the community we care about the pool, and so we can inform other communities on how to save their pools.

At this time two other Central Illinois pools are at risk and have asked for advice on how to save their pool.