Race Day Happenings

Hey All,

We wanted to inform everyone of all the race day happenings occuring on Saturday.

At 10am the crew from Wheel Fast will be on scene to fine tune any last minute bike issues. They will have race day stuff but please have your ride ready and that means tires inflated, parts lubed and ALL must have bar end plugs in the ends of your handlebars.

Wheel Fast is aware of this USAT requirement so please see Vince or Matt if you need bar end plugs.

At 11 am the docs and therapists from Petersburg Spine & Sport will offer sports stretching, KT taping for $5 and post race massage.

Look into the KT taping if you have any lingering ailments. It is very popular and does help performance.

When we were at the Olympic Training Center many athletes were walking around with KT taped appendages.

They will also address any issues or as Chrissie Wellington calls them “Niggles” that may affect your race day performance.

At 11:15 Erik Rankin from Grim Reaper Fitness will be offering a brief how to tri and tri tips for your event. As you will see GRF has a strong team in central Illinois and they usually finish with lots of hardware.

We will be making announcements about the briefing and it’s location on race day so keep your ears open for the information.

And the big request is that all of you please exit the parking lot by leaving behind the school. While the majority of you willl arrive in front of the school, we ask that all of you leave via behind the school.

We ask this so new bikers or runners will be in danger if you try to leave from the front. The front road will still be in use by Sprint racers when many will be leaving.

The back exit is easy to follow and it takes you to rte. 97. All you need to do is go right on 97 and you will be in Petersburg.

Please take advantage of all that is being offered and most of all have fun, race safe and thank a volunteer and/or police.

They are giving up their time to keep you safe.

Thank you.