Final Deadline to Register and be Guaranteed a Shirt


Sunday the 24th at 11:59pm is the latest you can register on line and be guaranteed a shirt.

We will be ordering the shirts Monday at 8am. Any registration after that is not guaranteed a shirt.

If you are entering the Route 66 Half Iron and want your name on the shirt and poster register by Sunday deadline. No names will be added after Monday submission.

Understand, the Corporate Half Irons charge $30 for the shirt and $20 for the poster at the expo.

With Tri Harder they are included in your registraiton fees. Top that one IM.

We will accept registrations on line until Thursday at noon then on line will close.

You can still register at packet pickup on Friday and Race Day but no shirt is guaranteed.

We will order extra but they go fast. The weather looks good and record turn outs for April and June call for a large July turn out.

All details can be found at

See you next Saturday.