Abe’s Trail Trek – Trail Improvement

Evening Runners,

It is with great excitement that we can announce the improvement of the Shickshack Trail within Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site.

Home of Abe’s Trail Trek.

Working with Tim Guinan the site manager and his staff, Bill Winberg from Chapman Stone and Mike Minor from Minor’s Construction, Tri Harder was able to eliminate severe trail erosion and create better drainage on the trail.

Not only was this a trail improvement it was a safety improvement since ankles and falls were possible.

The team came together in the last two days and solved a old problem that required time, talent and Minor’s bobcat work.

Mike graded the trail and created the drainage channel while Bill from Chapman Stone provided the rock needed for the base of the new trail surface.

Sincere thanks to Chapman Stone and Minor’s Construction for their time, materials and support.