April Tri’s and Abe Lincoln

Greetings, triathletes

We hope your training is going well for racing at the April 30th Abe’s Mini and Pioneer Triathlons at PORTA High School.

We wanted to share some developments that have now been finalized for Race day.

In additon to the new awards for 2017, the 10th Anniversary of the event and very cool socks for the first 200 racers, it’s confirmed that Abraham Lincoln will be in attendance and racing his first Triathlon.

Of course Abe wants to race in the Abe’s Mini and we are honored for his participation but not sure how we are going to get the Stovepipe hat in the helmet?

Mr. Lincoln will be around all day, so please come say hi and get a photo at the new, never before seen or used FINISHER BACKDROP. The backdrop is a great photo op and will be the finale to your triathlon experience.
This backdrop came about when we attended the USAT Symposium in Dallas this January. While attending, we interacted with and learned from the biggest, brightest and best race directors, speakers and vendors in the triathlon industry.

We think it’s very important for your safety and your triathlon experience to understand that there are race directors hosting events that have had no formal traning in triathlon management.

So, while a race may state that the event is a “USAT sanctioned race”, you need to know that it does not mean it is run by a USAT Certified Race Director. Unless the race is Directed by a USAT Certifed Race Director, you are not getting a USAT quality event that puts safety first.

Of the many thousands of triathlon races held in this country, only a very small percentage of the directors have actually taken the time & interest to become Certified to direct those races using USAT best practices.

Please use this knowedge to look for triathlons being managed by USAT Certified Race Directors. This will better assure you of a safe, enjoyable and quality triathlon experience.

Thank you,
Tri Harder Promotions