Tri Smarter and Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Dear Athletes, 
I would like to personally ask you to read about what we have accomplished in the past, Tri Smarter, MS Global, Can Do MS and what we can accomplish in the future. 

By competing in Tri Harder events we have helped build a fitness center, saved a pool, sent youths to numerous camps and clinics, funded adult and youth sports teams, maintained and constructed trails in a state historic site, bought rescue squad equipment and changed lives through endurance sports. 

Throughout the years we have never failed to learn and strive to Tri Harder in all we do for you and our events and have taken on causes much more serious and life threatening as we grow. 

Over the years we became a fund raising source for Colorectal cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Prostate Cancer and now we are adding Multiple Sclerosis to our fundraising goals. 

After in depth review with our team and consultants we launched Tri Smarter, a 501 C3 Non Profit Public Charity to make our fundraising goals greater in amounts and scope. 

With the Non Profit designation any funds you or your company donate to our causes are 100% tax-free. 

While both Tri Harder and Tri Smarter are managed by athletes for athletes, Tri Smarter will provide education and information about the numerous benefits of triathlons for the general public and athletes new to endurance sports. 

While Tri Harder is known for high quality events for athletes of all ages and abilities, it is our goal to make Tri Smarter as well known through fund raising and making a difference in disease prevention, mitigation and cures for all our charities while continuing to change lives through endurance sports. 

This September I will be riding as part of @MSGlobal in Mallorca, Spain for a cause and organization close to my heart: @CanDoMultipleSclerosis.

Last year, Can Do MS transformed the lives of 30,000 people by providing them education on nutrition, exercise and symptom management, entirely free of charge. Through these programs, Can Do MS inspires and motivates people living with MS to create long-lasting changes and to live better with MS. Donate today to help me reach my fundraising goal of $4,000 and ensure that more people can receive the life-changing programs they need to help them thrive! 

Please visit the for more info or you can donate directly to my fund raising page with this link or through

You can also donate to the MS or any of our other charities when you register for any Tri Harder event just by agreeing to donate in the Active registration system and choosing the charity you would like to help.


Sincere thanks for all we have done and all we will do.