Greetings Triathletes and Soon to be Triathletes,
First, thank you very much for racing with us in 2017.
Second, thanks to you we have set another attendance record at the KMC Sage City Triathlons.
Tri Harder is now a fund raiser for MS Global, an organization on the front lines of the battle with MS. Please take some time to read about MS Global and donate for the cause since anyone, at anytime, at any fitness level can be afflicted by MS.
You can donate on line, by mail or on race day.  Please visit the link at
Anyone donating $10 or more on race day gets the coveted, world famous Tri Harder socks, and these commemorate the 10th anniversary of our tri series.
It’s been a great year for triathlon and we have more to come with the August 27th, Dan Adair MD, Memorial Triathlons.
Visit the website for details on the August Tri and September Moonlight Miles at Oak Ridge Cemetery Run 5k, 6.55 mile and half marathon all at night and Abe’s Trail Trek, 5k, 10k and Half Marathon trail runs in November.