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Dan Adair MD, Memorial Triathlons

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After all the requests and concerns about the rock issues on the Dan Adair Tri Bike Courses, we have good news.

We have changed both courses to avoid the rocks and offer you a safer, smoother, faster bike and potential Bike PR.

We have removed many right angle turns, used the bike path to avoid the church crowds, chose smoother roads and will avoid a difficult road commissioner who quite frankly stated “he didn’t care about your safety and cyclists rights meant nothing to him”.

The new bike courses are much safer and with fewer turns and better roads provide a good chance to PR on a 6 mile or 12 mile course.

Both are now out and back with a 3 mile turn around on Bunker Hill Rd. and a 6 mile turn around on Farmingdale Rd. without getting onto Old Jacksonville Rd.

While the motivation to change the courses was due to poor road management and lack of concern for your safety, we feel this catalyst was a gift since we now have safer and better courses for both distances.

Yes please let the Curran Road Commissioner Mark Komnick # 483-4554 know your comments and please share that his outdated logic is illegal and could get someone killed from a job he gets through elections.

Maybe we can alter his thinking and save a crash or life from people that think cyclists have no rights, and remember he is a road commissioner.

The other BIG NEWS is Cooper’s Streatside Eats Food Truck will be on site race day to offer delicious food and drink for all the spectators.

Cooper’s helps us in July feed thousands with menu offerings designed by Kendra and Justin for healthy, tasty food options for your families and friends at affordable prices on site.

Please stop by and see what they offer on Sunday, always a surprise but always good.

Looking at potential Record Racer Numbers so don’t delay register today before midnight when on line registration closes and the price goes up.

Visit www.triharderpromotions.com for all the details and SWAG you get from the Adiar tri’s.