KMC Sage City Shirt is Guaranteed


As we have mentioned the kind folks at Kirby Medical Center, the sponsor of the upcoming KMC Sage City Triathlon are triathletes and care about triathletes.

Although we ordered extra shirts the impressive spike in last minute sign ups is whittling  down that number.

But the KMC folks have assured me that if you sign up you will get a shirt.

We may have to mail you one but regardless you will get a custom race day, gender specific shirt for either the KMS Mini or Sprint Triathlons.

In addition you should get all the other SWAG including race belt, race bell, custom bib, swim cap and lunch and an incredible venue.

Please sign up online by 11:59pm tonight and avoid the lines at packet pickup and race day cost.

Visit for details.   Thank you and thanks to KMC