Time to Tri

Greetings Endurance Athletes,

Today we invite you to be part of a groundbreaking initiative in the sport of triathlon.

USA Triathlon and Ironman recently introduced Time to Tri, a campaign to grow the sport at all levels, at all distances, in all parts of the country.

Our goal is to bring 100,000 new participants into triathlon by the end of 2020.

It might sound hard-core, but if you know how to swim, can ride a bike and can run, even casually, then completing a triathlon is totally within your grasp. This sport is incredibly beginner-friendly, welcoming and utterly rewarding.

The modern triathlon is almost 43 years old, with the first organized event taking place in 1974 at Mission Bay in San Diego, California. There were a total of 46 participants who paid the $1 entry fee. Prices may have gone up, but nowadays, you can find triathlon events in every state, and almost every country, at almost any distance. Most everyone chooses to start with a sprint, super sprint or relay triathlon, where distances for each segment are short.


If you’re reading this, you’re tri-curious. Maybe you’ve been running a while, but are looking for some variety. Maybe you swam in school and miss the competition. Or maybe you love riding your bike for miles on end, but would like some company. Triathlon can do all of that for you and while triathlons are still competitions, athletes (even the pros) are incredibly supportive, encouraging and motivating. Triathlons themselves are often weekend events, with a carnival-like atmosphere and family friendly fun.

For your fitness, triathlon training is terrific, low-impact crosstraining. It’s a great way to modify your training if the pounding of running is starting to bother your joints. By spreading your effort over three disciplines, you’ll minimize getting burned out, will improve flexibility and endurance, and will have found a sport that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime. What’s more, beginners can see huge improvements in their first couple of seasons, and that’s a big motivational boost!

To help kick-start your training we have provided a beginner friendly training plan for a Mini and Sprint Triathlon at www.triharderpromotions.com.

You can also find all the local area triathlons under the Races tab with more information about each event.

On April 21st we will offer the first outdoor tri’s of the season; Abe’s Mini & Pioneer Sprint which both include an indoor pool swim.

In addition to the Time to Tri program and free training plan, Grim Reaper Fitness will be offering a pre-race talk on race day April 21st discussing your Transition Set Up, Movement thru transition and the Swim.

Tim and the GRF crew will be on hand to answer any last minute questions and racers from Tri Harder will be in transition to assist with your First Time to Tri.

You know you want to do this and as our motto states, Changing Lives Through Endurance Sports is our goal.

Please visit www.triharderpromotions.com or www.trismrtr.com for all the race details and a list of all the triathlons and biathlons we host over the summer months.

Come on, it’s Time for you to Tri.