Abe’s Mini & Pioneer Price Increases & Big News

Triathletes and Soon to be Triathletes,

A reminder that the price will increase for the May 4th Abe’s Mini & Pioneer Sprint Triathlons Feb. 28th at 11:59pm.

Registration has been brisk with the later race date so don’t delay register before the increase and save some cash.

The price for Abe’s Tri Challenge will also go up that same date and time.

Abe’s Tri Challenge provides triathletes the opportunity to race both season opener events back to back with a discounted rate yet all the SWAG plus some.

Over the 12 years we saw racers doing both events or wanting to compete in both events and this was our answer – both events at a reduced price.

Also this year is the Glass Half Full Triathlon Challenge.

This offers the long course triathletes the chance to complete or compete 2 Half Distance Triathlons in one year to get 1 Full Distance time and exposure to what it takes to do a Full, or Ultra Course Triathlon.

In addition, we have partnered with Endurance Company to offer a coaching program at a very reduced rate to help with your Half Training.

The challenge includes the June 15th Illinois Half Distance Triathlon and the July 27th Route 66 Half at a reduced race and with lots of SWAG.

And let’s not forget Tri-Logy 3.1.1

This new program encourages triathletes to step up their game by competing/completing in 3 endurance events, with 1 running event, in 1 season.

All of the above has been developed from your input and emerging trends in Endurance Sports with emphasis on new challenges.

A significant trend was revealed in recent research that found many racers choose events that are Safe.   While this seems logical prior research showed proximity to home and cost as deciding factors.

While Tri Harder and Tri Smarter have always offered Safe Events, we wanted to remind everyone that all our Triathlons are managed by 2 USAT Certified Race Directors.  This is a rarity in triathlon management.

Our runs are managed by a Road Runners Club of America Certified Race Director and a US Trail Running Race Director.

All race management staff are CPR trained and the swims are managed by a PADI Retired Scuba Instructor who understands Open Water apprehension.  All open water swim ratios are exceeded and medical staff are always on the water and courses.

Another rarity in triathlon management is the fact that all triathlons are directed by a 10 x Ultra Course Finisher who has competed in the 140.6 Europe Championship and 70.3 World Championship and all other distances many times.

Bottom line, we do our best to provide a Safe race for you regardless of ability, distance or desire to compete or complete.

Please remember this when looking at the multitude of races available to you and ask yourself do they offer the same experience, expertise and passion as Tri Harder/Tri Smarter events, or just another event?

All the details and answers can be found at www.triharderpromotions.com

See you soon.

More Big Changes coming soon.