Glass Half Full Tri Challenge

Glass Half Full Tri Challenge

When one thinks about Triathlon most think of swimming, biking and running moderate distances such as a Mini, Sprint, Olympic or Half.

While others immediately think of going the whole distance of 140.6 miles as seen on NBC at Kona.

For the new triathlete, it’s quite common to start with a mini or sprint and gradually over the years build and grow to the Half Distance of 70.3 miles (Long Course) or the Full Distance of 140.6 miles (Ultra Course).

Then there are the outliers who start small and go big fast moving into the Long Course and Ultra Course in their first years.

For those driven, type A, over achievers we now offer a program designed to move you from Short Course to Long or Ultra course in 1 season.

Tri Harder Promotions and Tri Smarter have partnered with Endurance Company to offer a fast track to completing your first 140.6 by completing both the Illinois Half and the Route 66 Half this season.

Triathletes can now enter the June Illinois Half and July’s Route 66 Half at reduced rates with guidance and coaching from former Pro Triathlete Joe Company from Endurance Company.

For many adult athletes, the jump into a 140.6 triathlon may be unrealistic. The Glass Half Full Challenge provides you with an alternative.

The goal is to allow you to complete a “full” 140.6 distance over two half distances.

The Glass Half Full Challenge provides an optimistic spin on completing the 140.6 distance. Even though you didn’t do a full 140.6 (in one day), you finished the entire distance over two half’s, and you have a 140.6 time to show for it. Glass Half Full represents an opportunity to complete the 140.6 distance.

This approach is appropriate for athletes of all levels of experience and can be used as the “big goal” for the season or, for athletes training for a 140.6 later in the year, this can be a great test of their potential.

Here is your chance to compete or complete 2 half’s in 1 season at reduced rates and with the coaching of a Pro Triathlete at a reduced rate.

Entering the Glass Half Full Triathlon Challenge takes only your commitment and for that effort you get the June Half at 15% off and the July Half for 10% off the current price.

That’s a 25% discount off the total price to Finish 140.6 miles in 1 season.

You also can take advantage of Joe Company’s professional guidance with his 21-week training program specific to the Glass Half Full Challenge for only $99 (that’s $4.72/week!). The training program starts March 4.

There is no additional fee to enter the challenge, you just need to email us for the discount codes, but you will get all the SWAG from both events plus bonus SWAG to commemorate your accomplishment and lifelong bragging rights.