Duathlon & Aquabike

Hello Athletes,

Latest Endurance Sports developments for 2020 include the addition of the Duathlon division at the May 23rd Capital City Biathlon and an Aquabike division at the July 25th Abe’s Olympic and Route 66 Half Distance Triathlons.

For the first time you can compete or complete a Duathlon with a 3.1mile run, 15mile bike and 1.5 mile run or enter the Biathlon with a 3.1 mile run and 15mile bike. No Swim Required.

For the first time you can compete or complete an Aquabike in either Abe’s Olympic with a .9mile swim and 24.8 mile bike or a 1.2mile swim and 56 mile bike in the Route 66 Half Distance Triathlons. No Run Required.

Registration and details are at www.triharderpromotions.com or use the links below.

Capital City Biathlon & Duathlon


Abe’s Olympic Aquabike


Route 66 Aquabike


Train smart and see you soon.

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