2021 Covid News and A Safe Return to Multisport for You

Hello Triathlete’s and Lots of Soon to Be Triathlete’s

We have been given direction from USAT on how to host a safe event in 2021 and would like to share that news with everyone and keep everyone Covid free. 

For the latest news on the Safe Return to Multi-sport please visit the link below or cut and past this 


We will be implementing the latest guidelines at all our events starting with the May 8th Abe’s Mini, Pioneer Sprint and Abe’s Tri Challenge. 

These are basically the same guidelines we used successfully last year at all events with no reported cases of Covid. 

So come race in May, July or November and know your team has a proven track record unlike most other races taking place this year. 

Please visit triharderpromotions.com website for all the details. 

As mentioned we are experiencing unprecedented registrations for the May events so please use the links below and register before we hit the 300 limit. 

Abe’s Mini


Pioneer Sprint 


We have seen Abe’s Mini registrations increase 95% over pre – covid levels and a Pioneer Sprint increase of 56% so far this year. 

While this is great news if you are thinking about registering please do so now or you risk not getting into the event.