Abe’s Mini, Pioneer Sprint & Abe’s Tri Challenge – Only 300 Total Slots but 63% Increase In Sign Ups

Greetings Triathletes and Soon to be Triathletes, 

We have now received all permit approvals for the May 8th Abe’s Mini, Pioneer Sprint and Abe’s Tri Challenge and your response is un-precedented

We are at a level never seen before with 63% more registrations so far compared to any previous year prior to Covid. 

These events will take place but SPOTS are limited to 300. 

Although most of us will be vaccinated by race day we will still be required to follow the CDC/WHO/USAT/IDPH safety guidelines as we did last year with the July Tri’s. 

If you were not aware Tri Harder was recognized nationally for our efforts of being the 1st Tri in Illinois to be granted permission and the 3rd in the nation to host a successful event under COVID guidelines with all 364 racers going home safe and NO reports of COVID. 

We will be updating the May race webpages soon but it you want to review the incredible lengths we go thru to keep you safe please review the Stoneman or Abe’s Oly race page and info. 

Abe’s Mini includes a 100 yard indoor pool swim, a 5 mile bike and 1 mile run.

Pioneer Sprint includes a 300 yard indoor pool swim, 12 mile bike and 3.1 mile run thru a scenic, historic cemetery. 

Abe’s Tri Challenge offers the dedicated triathletes the opportunity to complete both events back to back at reduced prices. 

All racers get a custom shirt, on course support, Awards and lunch to go after the event. 

New this year are the earlier start times, our shirt vendor and new Awards. 

Register now using the links below or the Registration buttons. 

Details at triharderpromotions website. 

Abe’s Mini


Pioneer Sprint


Abe’s Tri Challenge registration is thru the Pioneer Button which will provide you a discount code for Abe’s Mini once you register in Pioneer. 

See you in May