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Stovepipe Sprint Triathlon

June 15, 2019 – SATURDAY RACE DAY

500 yard swim/12 mile bike/3.1 mile run

Lake Petersburg, Il. 62675

Dear Triathletes and Friends of Tri Smarter/Tri Harder,

It is with sincere sadness and anger that we share the very disappointing news finalized today.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, but within the control of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Lake Petersburg Board, we are forced to cancel the June 15th Stovepipe Sprint,  Railsplitter Olympic and Illinois Half Distance Triathlons.

After 11 years of hosting these events without incident or stress on resources, both DNR and the Lake Board informed us we would be required for the first time to pay User Fees of thousands of dollars for the June 15 events.

Both entities informed us of the fees within weeks of the event and DNR on this past Monday re-confirmed their decision to ignore our IRS 501 C3 Non Profit Public Charity Status and State of Illinois Non Profit Status and charge the fees.

A status DNR staff has suggested we secure from the IRS, for the past 3 years which we did at a cost of $800, so we could be exempt from the 10% of Gross User Fee to use New Salem.

Of importance is the fact that for the past 11 years the Triathlons have donated thousands of dollars to the site through Menard County Trails and Greenways and last year to the fund specified by DNR staff.

Tri Smarter/Tri Harder also donated to the Town and Country Women’s Club Fund raiser and provided hundreds of volunteer hours on trail clean up and maintenance until last year when we were told we would be arrested if we volunteered/worked at the site.

Something MCT&G and we have done more than any employee or group in the past 10 years.

However, the current site staff has not spent the funds on hand due to myriad of reasons and the site is in the worst shape any local can remember for years.

So after a rejected Appeal to the Director, DNR is standing by the decision to ignore the Non Profit Status, which is within their rights except we were told the User Fees would be waived when we secured the Non Profit Status by the previous administration.

They have threatened us with legal action if we volunteer in the park, ignored 11 years of donation history totaling tens of thousand of dollars into the community and now wants to take money from the following groups and deposit in a General Fund that can be used at any site within the state not just New Salem.

PORTA Fitness Center


PORTA After Prom, Pom Pons, Cheer Squad, Music Boosters, Football Boosters, Science Team , etc.

Town & Country Women’s Club

Menard County Rescue Squad & Dive Team

Menard County Sheriff

Over the past 11 years the triathlons brought thousands of triathletes from over 32 states and 8 countries into the community spending cash on lodging, food, drinks and fuel while always donating to the site directly or indirectly and the groups above.

In addition to this late notice from DNR the Lake Petersburg Board informed us recently the current board took a vote and decided they would keep the $1,000 donation we historically provide to the pool.

A vote by a board with no plans for the money but feels a User Fee is required for lake use after 11 years of working with several boards who have supported, encouraged and donated to the pool without question and understood the value the pool brings to the PORTA community.

A community whose majority of residents do not have the luxury to swim in their own backyards.

While we understand each entities right to charge a User Fee it is the late notice surprise weeks from the annual event, the previous agreements about Non Profit Status, the pool donation for lake use and the events bottom line.

By giving to DNR and the Lake Board the event will be taking money from the local groups and charities above who after 11 years count on this funding stream for their local causes and deposit the money into an account that can be used anywhere DNR chooses and not just New Salem.

In addition these fees will leave the June Triathlons starting with a negative balance of $3,000 and leave no funds remaining to host again in 2020.

In Summary after 11 years of mutually beneficial relationships with IHPA/IDNR and Lake Petersburg Board, the current DNR Director and Lake Board will be taking money from the community and using wherever and however they choose.

While Tri Smarter agrees DNR has the choice to Require or Waive the User Fees, they chose at last minute to asses thousands of dollars on a local grass roots event that historically donates to the New Salem site and local causes knowing full well the negative economic impact on the PORTA Community.

Almost concurrently the Lake Petersburg Board decided by vote only they were aware of to charge $1,000 to use the lake for 3 hours on one day a year.

These unknown costs devastated the race budgets and left the events (1) unable to proceed, (2) hundreds of racers without an event they have counted on for 11 years and (3) left the numerous groups above without the historic funding stream they have known for years.

While we will do everything possible to make this right for our racers we strongly ask all racers and families and friends to voice their opinions on this matter to DNR Director Callahan at

and the Lake Petersburg Board at, and maybe our collective voices can bring these events back into existence.

Sincerely and with a heavy heart,

Tri Smarter



Oh yeah,   FINISHER Medals for all Stovepipe Racers.

The Stovepipe Sprint Triathlon will take place on June 15, 2019, at 8:00 am and consists of a 500 yard swim in a private lake, an 12 mile bike ride on a rolling country road and a 3.1 mile run through Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site and down the main-street of an 1800’s pioneer village. All ages are welcome and Clydesdales, Athenas and teams are encouraged to enter. An awards ceremony will follow after the last runner crosses the finish line. Steve is the race director and can be reached at (217) 341-1309 or by email here .

Triathletes will challenge themselves with an open water wave start, out and back swim, starting and finishing at a gently slopping boat ramp. After a short distance to the transition area, athletes will take off on an 13 mile bike ride on country roads surrounded by rolling prairies and flat straight-aways. Upon completing the scenic bike course, athletes will finish with a hilly run through Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site. Athletes will run through the same pioneer village Abraham Lincoln called home for six years of his life. Most all of the run course within Lincoln’s New Salem will be shaded by large mature oak and maple trees. The Stovepipe Sprint Triathlon will finish in the picnic area located within Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site. The post race party will take place in the picnic area. Racers should tune to 1610 am for the latest race information. Post race showers will be available at the New Salem Site campgrounds.



  • Individuals: $65 early thru March 31st at 11:59pm, $75 late from April 1st thru Race Day. Race Day $90.
  • Relays: $130 early, $150 late
  • Price increase date: April/1/2019

Packet Pickup

  • Friday (6-14-2019) 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
    at Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site Visitor Center
  • Saturday (6-15-2019) 6:00 – 7:30 a.m.
    at Lake Petersburg – Transition



Stovepipe Swim Course Map

Stovepipe Bike Course Map

Stovepipe Run Course Map


Road Hazards on the Bike Course

While we have driven the bike course several times with several team members in the weeks and days before the event, hazards may still exist on the course.

In order to provide a safe and enjoyable bike ride we have swept roads, mitigated or removed obstacles, installed directional signs and color-coded course tape arrows, briefed volunteers, posted maps, explained courses, provided safety personnel; in short, done our best to provide you a safe ride.

Existing hazards that were out of our control have been marked with temporary pink paint. Be aware of the PINK paint and avoid the hazard

However, there still may be hazards on the course due to the dynamic nature of triathlons and ever changing road conditions.

Your safety and success depends on knowing the course and your riding abilities. Ride fit, smart and be aware of the terrain, other racers and traffic.

It is your responsibility to know your course. It is highly suggested that you drive the bike course before the event.

Although all attempts have been made to make your event safe and successful, giving your attention to this issue will ensure that you are prepared for conditions.


Beginner’s Sprint Training Plan

Monday – 15 to 30 minute swim

Tuesday – Spin class or bike for 15 to 45 minutes, then immediately 15-30 minute run. This is a Brick.

Wednesday – 15 to 30 minute swim

Thursday – 15 – 30 minute run

Friday – rest

Saturday – 30 to 90 minute bike

Sunday – 20 to 60 minute run

Race Day Information

June 15, 2019

Both Races

Refund Policy

There are no refunds. At the Race Director’s discretion a transfer may be possible however, this must be timely and arranged before race day.


Mandatory Reading 

Please take the time to read, understand and practice everything contained under the Information Tab on the homepage.  This info will answer most of your questions and generate some you had not thought of yet.

It really is valuable info and is required reading so all athletes compete or complete under the same rules and guidelines and maximize their triathlon experience.

Packet Pick-Up

Below is a breakdown of all membership fees for 2019:
· Adult Annual Membership – $50
· Adult One-day Membership – $15
· Youth (age 17 and under) Annual Membership – $10

Athletes may only pick up their own packets. Under no circumstances may an athlete pick up a packet for another person. All relay members must be present to receive the packet, or split up the relay packet for each participant.

If an athlete does not bring a photo ID to packet pickup there are two options:
· Go home to get it
· Have someone email/fax them a copy of their photo ID

. If an athlete does not bring a USAT membership card to packet pickup there are four options:
· Find internet access where a temporary card can be printed
· Go home to get it
· Purchase a one-day membership which can later be applied to a membership renewal by submitting a receipt of purchase
· Use the USAT Card App available for download through the App Store and Google Play store

Athletes that need to purchase a one-day license must sign the USAT waiver if it was not included with the event registration process. Annual members do not have to sign a waiver at packet pickup because they signed it when they applied to become an annual member.


Packet Pickup Times

Friday, June 14, 2019

4:30 – 6:30 pm @ Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site, 15588 History Lane

Saturday (June 15, 2019)

6:00 – 7:30 a.m

@ Transition Site at Lake Petersburg

Race day packet pickup is from 6:00am – 7:30am @ the Start/Transition Site on Peach Road and State Park Road. 600 Peach Road, Petersburg, Illinois 62675.

Racers must show their valid USAT card or pay the one-day fee of $15. You must also have and present a photo ID to register in person and to pick up your packet. NO ID, NO RACE, NO PACKET, NO EXCEPTIONS. This is USAT Policy.

The youth fee is $10 for a year.

No one can pick up a packet for anyone else.  You must pick up your own packet. This is USAT Policy.

A Mandatory Pre-Race meeting is scheduled 15 minutes before the start of each race at the boat ramp,  Railsplitter – 7:15am Stovepipe – 7:45am

Both races are USAT sanctioned, therefore, all USAT rules apply.

Open water swim starts, with waves by group every 5 minutes.  Waves and times will be posted race day morning as will water temperature.

Wetsuits are legal up to 78 degrees, they may be wore between 78 and 84 degrees but you will not be eligible for awards

Helmets must be secured at all times in transition and on bike

Bikes must be racked in side of transition designated for Stovepipe.  There will be signs indicating Stovepipe, you need to rack between the signs. Rack spots are open and on a first come, first take basis.

Please be mindful of limited space and your gear at the bike racks.  Do not encroach into anyone else’s space.

All bikes must have bar end plugs.

No listening devices of any type permitted on course. Disqualification for sneaking device on course. It’s a safety issue for you and your competitors. You need to hear the race.

Race Identification

Stovepipe racers will follow YELLOW text pavement markings and YELLOW mileage markings on the courses.  White arrows indicate direction, YELLOW text indicates race. There will be a 9′ tall YELLOW balloon at the turn arounds.

Packets will contain 1 race number sticker for your bike frame or seat tube.  This sticker on the bike and matching your bib and body marking is the only way you can remove the bike from transition.

The sticker number is to be attached to the bike frame or seat tube.

The bib number can be attached to your shirt with the enclosed pins or may be worn on a number belt during the bike and run portion.

To remove your bike your body marking and bib and stickers must match. You will not be permitted to leave and don’t confront staff. Call Race Director at 217-341-1309. Police are on site.

Body Marking will take place Saturday morning between 6:30am and 7:45am at the Transition Area. Plan for your races start time.  Railsplitter 7:30am, Stovepipe 8:00am.

Timing Chips

Timing Chips will be distributed beginning Saturday at 6:30am

Volunteers will remove Timing Chips immediately after you cross the finish line.  If your chip is not returned you will be charged for it.

Race Day Street Closures

All roads will be open for the races, however, sheriff deputies and volunteers will be located at key intersections.  All rules of the road must be observed. Stay on the right and follow the deputy and volunteer commands.

On race day morning the main entrance off Route 97 to Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site will be closed and all entrants and spectators will proceed a quarter mile to the State Park Road entrance which will have signs to direct traffic to parking.


On race day there will be two parking areas to eliminate traffic congestion while still permitting racers access to the start and finish.  Both are located on State Park Road and are approximately 1 mile between the Start and Finish Lines.

The first Parking Lot on State Park Road is labeled Parking – Finish and located in the Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site overflow lot.  It is a few hundred yards from the Finish Line and Awards Luncheon.   Restrooms and showers are located in this area.

The second Parking Lot is farther southwest and is located next to the starting line. It is labeled Parking – Start.

You can park at either lot and either ride your bike, or take Stier’s Old Tyme Trolley.  The trolley will be continuously shuttling racers and spectators between both lots during the events. It will begin at 9:30am and run until event completion.

We encourage all visitors to take the shuttles to minimize traffic and keep the racers safe.

Race Day Traffic Control

Most vehicles will turn west off of Route 97 onto State Park Road and proceed to Papaya Ave. Then proceed left (south) for 100 yards onto State Park Road where you can park at the Parking – Finish and ride the shuttles.

This is the closest access to the Finish Line, Awards Luncheon, State Historic Site, PioneerVillage, Ice Cream, Gift and Souvenir shops.

Please take the time to visit all the area has to offer.

To access Parking – Start, continue southwest on State Park Road until Peach Road and follow the signs and volunteers.

This is located across the street from the Peach Road Transition and the swim start is a few yards away.  Swim practice can begin at 6:30 am.

Packet pickup and Information will be located around the Peach Road Transition Area.  Restrooms and water/HEED will be available.

If you choose to park here you will not be able to exit until the Stovepipe racers are in the State Site.

The shuttles will be operating continuously between both lots and feel free to use them to site see and see your racers.

Both the Stovepipe and Railsplitter Triathlon’s are largely open to traffic. All key intersections will have traffic control with race marshals and/or police, but racers should pay attention to their surroundings and race accordingly. All traffic laws apply.


Water and Hammer Nutrition’s HEED will be available at the Start, in Transition, at the Finish and at the hydration stations approx. every mile on the run courses.

A Hammer Gel is provided in your packet. Additional gels will be for the Railsplitter Bike Course.

Restrooms are located at the Start and Finish and showers are located in the Historic site.

First Aid/Medical

Medical personnel will be on course and the Menard County Ambulance and Police departments can be reached at 911.

All racers must wear an approved helmet.  Helmets must be fastened before leaving transition & during the bike.  Not having a helmet is cause for disqualification.

Food & Refreshments

Fruit, cookies, and fluids will be available to all racers after they finish.

Racers will receive a Sandwich with sides luncheon after their race, pizza will also be available.  Please show bib for lunch.  All volunteers will receive a lunch but must wear the volunteer shirt to receive.

Fluids will be available at several locations on site but we request that only racers and volunteers consume these drinks.

Spectators can purchase soda, drinks, ice cream, sandwiches, gifts and souvenirs from the shops inside the State Site.

Beginner Information and Site Maps

Please check out our information table for tri/swim tips, course maps and upcoming races.

Please review the SITE MAPS located around the Peach Road Transition area for racer and spectator movement patterns and site orientation

For swimmers nervous in the open water there will be boats following within close proximity for support if needed. You may hold onto the boats but not move forward.

We strongly encourage all racers to read the Open Water Swim Best Practices on the website under the Information tab.  There will be 5 minutes between waves so you can get wet, get comfortable and pick your path for the swim.

If you need help in the water, raise your hand and assistance will respond. You may hold onto a craft but cannot move forward. Any forward motion is cause for dis-qualification.

Pursuant to USAT Policy you must bike on the right and pass on the left.  No drafting is allowed.  Stay back 4 bike lengths from other riders.

You must run on the left as if facing traffic.

Course Marking

Stovepipe swimmers will follow the YELLOW pyramid course buoys keeping the buoys to their left, swimming counter-clockwise.  The Turn Around Buoy will be a 5″ Tall YELLOW buoy.

The Bike course will have YELLOW directional signs, YELLOW Turn Around signs with a 9′ YELLOW balloon. There will also be an  Orange Cones in the center of road, volunteers and pavement markings.

The Run course will be marked with yellow and red 2’ x 2’ directional signs and pavement markings.

Both races will have directional signs when course changes occur.

Pink  paint on street means rough spot.  Pay attention for the pink paint.

Transition & Finish Area

Please utilize the shuttles to go between the Peach Road Transition and finish line.  We ask that no cars leave the parking lots until all the Stovepipe racers are in the State Site.


Transition Area Map


When you enter the run course prepare to be amazed.  You will be stepping back in time to the 1800’s.  Take a moment to realize that in 1831 in this village, the birth of multi-sport began.

When you make the turn around the whiskey barrel near the Clary tavern you are in the spot where young Abraham was challenged to run, wrestle and fight an opponent.  A challenge he took and won and thus became the nation’s first Multi-Sport Athlete.

In keeping with the history and talent of the area, local artisans have handcrafted most awards.   We have taken great pains to avoid cheap plastic and common non-functional awards.  Most of the awards are unique and functional.


Volunteers must also sign a release before entering the course.


Railsplitter Olympic Triathlon

Pre-race meeting 7:15 at the boat ramp

Start Time

7:30 am

Largely open course with road marshals and police.

Pay attention to the vehicles and road marshals

All bike passing should be done on the left

No drafting on the bike

Swim wave starts every 5 minutes

Body Marking will take place Saturday between 6:30am and 7:15am at the Transition Area

All USAT Rules Apply

Stovepipe Sprint Triathlon

Pre-race meeting 7:45 at the boat ramp

Start Time

8:00 pm

Largely open course with road marshals and police.

Pay attention to the vehicles and road marshals.

All bike passing should be done on the left

No drafting on the bike

Swim wave starts every 3 minutes

Body Marking will take place Saturday between 6:30am and 7:45am at the Transition Area

All USAT Rules Apply


Riverbank Lodge – Petersburg  1-3 miles from event start

Participants in your events will get a 10% discount on room rates.  However, in order to get the discount, they need to call directly to the Lodge and identify themselves as racers.  There is no way to know if they are racers over the internet.  Is there a way to let the runners know on your website to call directly in order to get the discount.  They can call at 217-632-0202 or toll free at 866-459-3040.


Take a moment to thank all the people and businesses that made these events possible.


New Salem Lincoln League

Wheelfast Bicycle Company

The Petersburg Observer

Springfield Triathlon Club

Stier Trolley Express

County Market

And Special Thanks to:

PORTA High  School

New Salem Lincoln’s League

Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site

Lake Petersburg Association

City of Petersburg

Menard and Cass County Highway Depts.

Road District #6


And on behalf of the Event Staff, Thank You.  See you again in April or in July in Springfield and keep Tri’ing