Capital City Biathlon

Saturday May 25, 2019 starting at 7:30 am

3.1 mile run and 15 mile bike

Stuart Park

1800 Winch Lane

Springfield Il.  62702










This is the Final Reminder that the Shirt Cut Off is Sunday May 19th at 11pm for the Capital City Biathlon.

If you want to be guaranteed a shirt in your size and a Wheelfast Water Bottle and Aero Socks please register below by the date stated above.

The event is May 25th at Stuart Park with the Run on the Sangamon Valley Trail and the Bike on the Lincoln Heritage Trail using rolling. turning, rural roads making a fun bike ride.

On Line Registration will close at 11pm on Thursday May 23rd but you can still register Race Day morning from 6am to 7:15am.



New This Year

Tri Harder will now be hosting the event on Saturday May 25th on Memorial Day Weekend at Stuart Park.  Please feel free to bring your dog and use the adjoining Dog Park.

New Venue – Stuart Park (playground & dog park)

New Run Course from Stuart Park to the Sangamon Valley Trail.

New Bike Course following the Lincoln Heritage Trail Scenic Bike Route.

Aero socks for all racers.

Thanks to Wheelfast Bicycle Co. for being onsite race day morning for last minute tune ups and water bottles to first 100 Registrants.

Keep watching for new developments and updates as they get confirmed.

Friendly Auto Show Biathlon Commercial – 2017

The 2017 Results are found under the Results page. Thank you



On Line Registration Closes at 11:00pm on May 23rd, 2019.

The final shirt order will be placed Monday am or race week. If you want a shirt, register early.

You can still register in person at Saturday Packet Pickup but no shirt is guaranteed.

On Line Registration is now open.  Click Here

Race Fees

Individuals – $42 thru March 11th, then $52 thru May 24th at 11:00pm. $67 on race day.

Teams- $78 thru March 11th, then $98 thru May 24th at 11:00pm. $115 on race day.

All USAT fees are racers responsibility. $15 for adult one day fee or $50 for annual membership.

$10 for youth one day/ annual membership.

Participants receive a race Finishers shirt, world famous race socks, Wheelfast Bicycle Co. water bottle, on course support and pizza, fruit, snacks and refreshments at the post race party.

Packet Pick Up

Packet pick-up is on May 25th from 6am to 7:00am at Stuart Park, Springfield, IL. 

Athletes may only pick up their own packets. Under no circumstances may an athlete pick up a packet for another person. All relay members must be present to receive the packet, or split up the relay packet for each participant.

If an athlete does not bring a photo ID to packet pickup there are two options:
· Go home to get it
· Have someone email/fax them a copy of their photo ID

. If an athlete does not bring a USAT membership card to packet pickup there are four options:
· Find internet access where a temporary card can be printed
· Go home to get it
· Purchase a one-day membership which can later be applied to a membership renewal by submitting a receipt of purchase
· Use the USAT Card App available for download through the App Store and Google Play store

Athletes that need to purchase a one-day license must sign the USAT waiver if it was not included with the event registration process. Annual members do not have to sign a waiver at packet pickup because they signed it when they applied to become an annual member.


Refund Policy

No refunds will be provided. At the discretion of the Race Director a timely Transfer arrangement may be possible. No last minute requests will be considered.

Get Registration Protector from on line for an additional $7 per registration. If you can’t attend this event for any number of covered reasons, including injury, illness, traffic accidents and more, you’ll be reimbursed for your registration cost, fees and other related costs. This charge is in addition to the cost of your registration and will be billed separately by Allianz Global Assistance. You may cancel Registration Protector within 10 days of the purchase date and receive a full refund of insurance fees paid. Limitations apply

Courses and Information


Run Course

Bike Course


The race starts at 7:30am with a mandatory pre- race briefing at 7:15am at transition.  All racers must attend the meeting.

The course includes a 3.1 mile run followed by a 15 mile bike ride.

This event is sanctioned by USA Triathlon and is chip timed.

The course includes a 3.1 mile out and back run on the Sangamon Valley Trail.  Starting at Transition you will run across the grass to the trail and then follow the course markings as you proceed North to the Turn Around at the halfway point.

Both the run and bike course will be marked with Yellow route arrows on the pavement and Yellow Arrows on cones indicating turns or directions.   Turn Arounds are indicated by Yellow A frame Signs and Volunteers.

Please remember Yellow and you will have no trouble on the courses.

Runners will have a water stop that can be accessed two times during the run.  Water and Hammer Nutrition HEED will be on the run course and at the water table at transition.

The run is followed by a 15 mile bike ride along Lincoln’s Trail used by the Boy Scouts on their annual hike.  The roads utilized include Winch Lane, Green Valley, Hazlett and Stagecoach out and back.

Lincoln’s Trail is a very fun, rural ride with numerous turns, rolling ups and downs and fast sections meaning a ride for everyone to enjoy.  You will be shifting, turning and testing your bike handling skills on this course.

There is no water stop on the bike course, riders can fill their Wheelfast water bottle at transition with water or HEED.

Due to the relatively short distances of the courses there will be no porta pots on the courses.  There are several restrooms available at the Beach House.

Matt Saner from Wheelfast Bicycle Co. will be on site race day morning to check bar end plugs and provide any last minute repairs that come up that day.   Please come to the event with a mechanically sound, functioning bike and ride within your abilities.

Better yet get ahead of the curve and get a bike tune up from Wheelfast before you begin your season training.


Race Identification

Packets will contain 2 separate race numbers.

The sticker number is to be attached to the bike frame.

This number will be utilized for race identification and to allow the removal of your bike from the transition area

The bib number can be attached to your shirt with the available pins or may be worn on a number belt during the bike and run portion. The bib must be worn at all times on the run.


Listening Devices

Based on USAT rules, no listening devices will be permitted on the courses. While these may aid your training, they make you and others around you unsafe on race day. You will be disqualified if you choose to ignore this rule. Safety of everyone on the course is our #1 goal. Keep your tunes for training. NO EXCEPTIONS, NO DEBATES, NO REFUNDS.

FYI, if you are injured during the event, a listening device cancels any insurance claim.

Timing Chips

Timing Chips will be distributed at transition beginning Saturday at 7:00 am

Volunteers will remove Timing Chips immediately after you cross the finish line.  If your chip is not returned you will be charged for it.

Medical Support

Springfield Clinic Sports Medicine will be on site and on the course for any medical issues that may arise on race day.  Major medical issues should be handled by a call to 911 and/or the Race Director, Sierra at 217-341-4641.

Road Hazards on the Bike Course

While we have driven the bike course several times with several team members in the weeks and days before the event, hazards may still exist on the course.

In order to provide a safe and enjoyable bike ride we have swept roads, mitigated or removed obstacles, installed directional signs and color-coded course tape arrows, briefed volunteers, posted maps, explained courses, provided safety personnel; in short, done our best to provide you a safe ride.

Existing hazards that were out of our control have been marked with temporary pink paint. Be aware of the PINK paint and avoid the hazard.

However, there still may be hazards on the course due to the dynamic nature of biathlons and ever changing road conditions.

Your safety and success depends on knowing the course and your riding abilities. Ride fit, smart and be aware of the terrain, other racers and traffic.

It is your responsibility to know your course. It is highly suggested that you drive the bike course before the event.

Although all attempts have been made to make your event safe and successful, giving your attention to this issue will ensure that you are prepared for conditions.

Mass Start

All runners will start at 7:30am.  It is imperative that you run on the left side of the road pursuant to USAT and RRCA rules.  This is for your and all others safety.

Awards & Ceremony

An awards ceremony will be held at approx. 9am or after the majority of bikers cross the finish line. Relax and enjoy the day, the venue and your accomplishment while you wait for the awards ceremony.  NO Award will be mailed or given out early.

Awards will be given to the Top 3 Overall Male, Female, Clydesdale and Athena Finishers as well as the top 3 in each age group for males and females.  Team awards will be given to the top 3 male, female and mixed teams.



New for the May 25th Biathlon, world famous Tri Harder socks for all racers.

These high tech, lightweight, aero, hydrophobic, blister preventing engineering wonders will be awarded to all Biathlon entrants. Quantities are limited so plan ahead. See you in May



The information contained on the Home Page Information Tab includes Race Policies and is required reading.

This information will answer many questions you may have and even generate questions you had not considered. Please take the time to read the information and understand it’s contents and intent.

It will make your experience better, you a better racer and keep you safe during your day.

Donations & Your Racing

As you know, all Tri Harder and Tri Smarter events are fund raisers for local groups, teams, clubs, sites and authorities.  While these groups benefit from the races, we would like to extend the endurance athlete’s generosity to a few charities that we support that have a much bigger scope and need.

As we strive to change lives for our racers and their loved ones through endurance sports, let’s help change the lives of those with challenges much greater than ours;  please give to any/all of our charities listed below with a few extra key strokes while you’re registering for your event!  Any amount (over $5) is appreciated and badly needed.

Thank you!  Your concern and generosity is appreciated.

Alzheimer’s Association of Chicago (Springfield Walk to End Alzheimer’s)

Can DO Multiple Sclerosis

Zero: The End of Prostate Cancer

Research Foundation of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons

USAT Triathlon of Colorado

Your concern and generosity is appreciated.